Message from the President

Hafa Adai, welcome to our web site. The Guam Housing Corporation was established in May of 1965 to help the people of our island to realize the dream of owning their first home. The mission was to help those who were unable to obtain financing through conventional banking institutions. We continue this mission today, 41 years later. Through the years GHC has had its difficulties, from downsizing the agency to our brush with bankruptcy and we have risen to the challenge. Our organization has weathered the tough times and we stand at the ready to serve our people in the good times. And there are many good things to come. It is with great pride that we present the people of our island this opportunity.

You will find that we have several different programs to assist our clients. We offer very attractive interest rates and USDA Leveraged Loans to those who qualify. In addition, Guam Housing Corporation is the only entity that offers financing to build on Chamorro Land Trust properties. The details on our programs are available here on our site or e-mail us and our helpful staff will answer any questions you may have.

I would like thank the Board of Directors for all the support and confidence in our organization. I would like to recognize the Staff and Management for all their hard work and dedication. It is the people at the Guam Housing Corporation and the Guam Rental Division that make it all happen.

Our island; our people have such bright future ahead of us. I see a Guam teeming with activity and growth. The coming military expansion means a stimulated local economy, which in turn means increased revenues, employment and better services. We look forward to financing first time homebuyers in this bright future. Please enjoy browsing our site and we hope to see you again soon.


Thank you, Si Yu’us Ma’ase, and Maraming Salamat Po,


Martin Benavente